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Rich, White and Foreign in India

Rich, White and Foreign in India.


4 thoughts on “Rich, White and Foreign in India

  1. Hi, Paul. It’s good as always to hear from you. I think change was slow in India for centuries and has speeded up here as it has everywhere. For these people, with TVs and cell phones, they are more aware than ever of what they don’t have.

  2. Jerry says:

    Your observations are so incredibly graphically surreal! I really can smell the village, the people, and realize the meaning of ”third world country” in your observations. The people appear to be charming, and at peace with their existence. While “somewhere else” is appealing to them, apparently, “here will do”. It is a far cry from the examples of Indians I have observed through the myriad of phone calls to ‘tech support’ sites here in the USA. The people that I am able to talk with about my electronic problems are always helpful to a fault, hard to truly understand, but patient with my aggravations.
    The pictures you have taken would fill an album with wonderful character studies, and I believe that enlarged and framed they would stand as living art and a framework for your entire voyage through that continent. I am amazed at your writing, enthralled at the observations, and anxious to see each additional week in this serial of travel. Congratulations for a really, really, nice job. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blog. Save all your memories. They are unique and help in understanding that the whole world is not the same as it is in the USA.
    ….Your oldest brother…..

    • Thanks, Jerry. I get tired from time to time, but on the whole it’s been an interesting trip. I’m not sure what I will do with these notes and, literally, thousands of photographs.

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