Buckle Canal

Buckle Canal. What do Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy and the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce have to do with raw sewage in India? Does a nexus exist between wealth and indifference to the public welfare? jbriggs926.com

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South Indian images, 2014

Varkala paddy at sunrise

Varkala paddy at sunrise; Photo, John Briggs


Tirunelveli, Feb. 2014; Photo,  John Briggs

Tenkasi street

Tenkasi street; Photo,  John Briggs

Near the train station, Tiruneveli, Feb. 2014

Near the train station, Tirunelveli, Feb. 2014; Photo,  John Briggs


Near Vakala, Feb. 2014; Photo, John Briggs

Near Vakala, Feb. 2014; Photo, John Briggs


Tiruneveli street

Tirunelveli Street; Photo, John Briggs

Tenkasi, Feb. 2014

Tenkasi, Feb. 2014; Photo, John Briggs

Tenkasi girl

Tenkasi, Feb. 2014; Photo, John Briggs


Tenkasi, Feb. 2014; Photo, John Briggs

Magenta woman, Tenkasi

Magenta woman, Tenkasi; Photo, John Briggs

Fishmerman near Varkala

Fishmerman near Varkala; Photo, John Briggs

Conclave in Ft. Kochi

Conclave in Ft. Kochi; Photo, John Briggs

Tiruneveli ditch-digger

Tirunelveli construction worker; Photo, John Briggs

Waiting for a bus

Waiting for a bus, Tirunelveli; Photo, John Briggs

Stranger, Tirunelveli, Feb. 2014; Photo, John Briggs

Tenkasi leaf bundler

Tenkasi leaf bundler; Photo, John Briggs

River neighborhood, Tiruneveli

River neighborhood, Tirunelveli; Photo, John Briggs

Tiruneveli fish marketTirunelveli fish market; Photo, John Briggs



My plane leaves Detroit Monday afternoon, November 4, and I get to Bangalore at 12:30 a.m. November 6. I’ll have a backpack, a camera and, as a companion, this supercilious beach girl I found a couple of years ago leaning against a truck in a Vermont flea market.



I have a theoretical reservation 30 kms down the road at the Hotel T.A.P. Silver Square on the third floor of a rectangular building adjacent to a McDonalds. My room ($18) has an attached bathroom with  a hydromassage shower head.

Questions to resolve:  Does the McDonalds have those breakfast potato disks? Apple pie? A drive-through window? Does the airport’s shuttle bus to town exist? Will I be able to rouse the doorman at 3 a.m.?